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Paradise Springs Winery

When is the next wine club pickup weekend?

May 26 | Last day to make changes to your billing/shipping information or make additions to your shipment
May 27 | Credit cards will be charged
May 29 | Pick ups begin
June 3 | Last day to pick up. Shipping will be charged and tendered to UPS.

Curated Wine Club Tasting Dates:

Wednesday, May 29th - 5pm and 6pm
Thursday, May 30th - 5pm and 6pm
Friday, May 31st - 6:30pm

RESERVE YOUR SPOT HERE! (Link will be live two weeks prior to tastings)

How much does the wine club cost?

There is a one-time signup fee of $20. The price of the selection will vary each quarter based upon the cost of each wine. Members receive a 15% discount from the retail price on all selections. The average cost is estimated to be around $70-$120 each quarter, not including VA state sales tax (6%) and shipping & handling (if not attending the pick-up event).


Do you select the wines, or can I choose my own?

We select the wines. Wine Club is our opportunity to share with you the vast array of wines we produce here at the winery. In addition to showcasing the best we have to offer, selections may include pre-released wines, library selections, or wine specifically produced for members only. You may, however, choose whether you would like to receive a combination of reds and whites, reds only, or whites only.


What is included in my shipment?

Below we have listed the options that we offer when you sign up for the club. Each option has a description on what you can expect each quarter.

Mixed Option - Three different wines. A mix of reds, whites, sparkling, or dessert. 
Reds Only - Two different red wines, with two bottles of one of the selections. 
Whites Only - Two different white wines, with two bottles of one of the selections.

6 Bottles – Equal number bottles of each selection of wine *Example: If 3 bottles for Reds only= 2 Cabernet Franc and 1 Melange, 6 bottles = 3 Cabernet Franc and 3 Melange

12 Bottles - Twice the six bottle selection *Example: If 3 bottles = Chardonnay, Viognier, and Cabernet Franc, 6 bottles = 2 Chardonnay, 2 Viognier, and 2 Cabernet Franc, 12 Bottles = 4 Chardonnay, 4 Viognier, and 4 Cabernet Franc.


Can I bring a guest to the pick-up events? Can I bring multiple guests? 

Yes, you may bring up to one guest for a total of two people per membership. For example, if you are the primary account holder, you may bring your spouse. Any additional guests must pay $15 at the door. Events are for members only and we want to keep these events as exclusive and intimate as possible.


If I choose one of the club levels now, can I change my option later?

Yes. For example, if you choose to receive three bottles per quarter upon sign-up, but wish to increase to six later, you can easily do that. Just notify us in writing at least two weeks before the next selection will be released. You can also edit your selection preference with your online account on our website.


May I exchange a wine from the current selection?

The benefit of being in a wine club is expanding your palate and experiencing wines that you may not normally gravitate towards. We offer the “Reds Only” and “Whites Only” options for those who prefer certain types of wines. Beyond these options, our winemaker will make the selections each quarter. Exchanges on any of the selections are not permitted.


Which date is my credit card charged?

Credit cards will be charged for the wine selections on the Monday prior to the pickup weekend. If you choose to pick up your wine that weekend, there will be no other charges. If you do not pick up your wine, your selections will automatically default to shipping for that one quarter. Shipping and handling charges will be run as a second charge on the Tuesday following pickup weekend at which time your wine will be boxed up and shipped via UPS.


When can I pick up my wines (selections)? When is pickup weekend?

Current selections will first be available starting on the pickup weekend of each quarter. Pickup weekend is generally the weekend with the first Saturday and Sunday of each quarter (March, June, September, December). Pickup weekend will start on a Thursday and end on Monday (total of 5 days unless on a holiday weekend). During the weekend, you may pick up your selections anytime during business hours or at one of the pick-up events.