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Paradise Springs Winery

Sparkling Wine 

Aprés Rosé is a Brut finish sparkling wine, made traditionally Méthode Champenoise and aged for two years in the cellar. It is fresh, crisp and fruit-forward with wild strawberry notes and a zippy, bright finish.

Aprés means "after" in French. Sparkling wine was the preference of French kings at festivities and rites of passage, and eventually gained worldwide renown for its role at elegant celebrations. Today it is still used to toast momentous occasions. Aprés is our tribute to all those extraordinary moments worth celebrating.

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Rosé Wine 

This bright salmon-hued Rosé is bursting with red fruit aromas of strawberry and watermelon. This wine begins with the same strawberry note on the palate and transitions to grapefruit and watermelon on the finish. This is a Provençale style Rosé that is bright and fresh that is balanced with ample acidity that emphasizes the strong fruit on the finish and drinks as smooth as water.

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Swagger is made in the traditional port-style entirely from Chambourcin, which gives this wine a deep ruby color and distinct black cherry flavor. The wine is a well-balanced drier ruby style with smooth tannins and acidity that help highlight the subtle smokiness and caramel undertones from the bourbon barrel aging.

Starting with Edition II, Swagger has been made in the Solera style of fortified wine making, Although the residual sugar varies from bottling to bottling, this style helps to maintain quality and consistency from year-to-year by blending multiple vintages of the wine together.

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